Board 2021/2022


Chairman - Oleh Sotskyi

Hello there! My name is Oleh Sotskyi and I am a fourth year Sensor Technology student. This year grabbed that career ladder and got right up to the top, becoming an HHS Chairman of 2021-2022. So buckle up, baby, and prepare for the best experience of your university life, 'cause it is going to be one hell of a ride!

Last year was difficult and exhausting, a lot of things went not exactly how the Society wanted them to (guess why). This is the reason why my main goals now are to make sure that the HHS Board is organized, motivated and eager to do our absolute best to bring fun and valuable events to our members. With proper and carefully thought through goals, together as a Board we are going to breathe new life in HHS and make it even greater than it was before!

In case you have ideas and valuable suggestions on how to improve our Hanze Honours Society even further or just want to chat — don't hesitate to contact me at

I hope you have a great day and see you very soon!

Secretary - Olena Chashchina

Hello! My name is Olena Chashchina and I am a third-year Sensor Technology student. 

This year I am taking the position of secretary of the society. And that is why my responsibilities will be to take care of all correspondence of the HHS, as well as reply to all the emails. Besides, I will take care of the honours room reservations. 
Another thing I will do is manage this beautiful website and take virtual care of all our members. So if you have any questions about your membership or want to become a member, or just want to speak to someone, feel free to email me via 

Looking forward to working with you this year! 


Internal Coordinator and Treasurer - Anouk Schouten

My name is Anouk Schouten and I am 22 years old. I am a third-year student of the study Business Administration. This board year, I am the internal coordinator and treasurer of the HHS. I look forward to taking on the associated tasks this year, such as guiding the committees and keeping an eye on the finances.

Any questions? Contact me via


M&C Director - Melania Dolcos

Hello everyone! My name is Melania Dolcos, I am a third-year Marketing Management student and this year I will be the Media & Communication Director for the Hanze Honours Society Board. 
I am eager and passionate about marketing activities and I have strong knowledge in digital neuromarketing, branding and communications and therefore,  I am looking forward to use all of this to deliver the best results in terms of media and make an impact on the board.

Any questions? Contact me via