Board 2023/2024

Meet the 2023/2024 Board of the Hanze Honours Society!


Chairwoman and External Coordinator - Siham Ouahim

Hey! My name is Siham and I am holding the roles of Chairwoman and External Coordinator whilst pursuing my final year in International Business. Our focus is on creating an exceptional year filled with engaging activities and leaving room for new projects to flourish, and I am excited to put this into practice!

If you have any suggestions for our association or just want to have a chat about any ideas you have in mind, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at or


Secretary and Internal Coordinator - Hilde Inberg

Hi everyone, my name is Hilde Inberg and I am a third-year Real Estate student. This academic year, I will fulfil the roles of secretary and internal coordinator on the board of the Hanze Honours Society! Therefore, I will be handling the correspondence of the HHS as well as guiding the committees. I am looking forward to having an exciting and successful year with my amazing board members!

Any general questions, announcements, or just want to chat? Don’t hesitate to contact me at or :)


Treasurer - Alexander Bosker

Hello members, non-members, alumni and other parties! My Name is Alexander Bosker and I am the Treasurer of the 2023-2024 Board of the HHS! I currently am a second-year student of International Business and this year I am looking forward to support and improve the HHS in its financial matters! The plan for this year is to create a community of driven and motivated honours students and to help them prepare for a career after their studies that suits each of those students best!

You can contact me at


Marketing & Communication Coordinator - Maisam Al Sulaimani

Hello! I’m Maisam Al Sulaimani, your marketing & communication coordinator for this year. I’m a third-year marketing management student coming all the way from Oman. What is my passion? Using my imagination and making concepts a reality. This year, I'm on a quest to improve HHS's image, create consistent engaging content, and get the word out about HHS.

Got any questions, cool content ideas, or an honors project you want to promote? Don't hesitate to contact me at :)

Board 2023/2024

Siham Ouahim Chairwoman and External Coordinator
Hilde Johanna Inberg Secretary and Internal Coordinator
Tibor Alexander Bosker Treasurer
Maisam Al Sulaimani Marketing & Communication Coordinator