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Welcome to the Hanze Honours Society.

Who Are We?

The Hanze Honours Society (HHS) is a community founded by and for honours students at Hanze University of Applied sciences. We bridge the gap between diverse schools within Hanze, linking you with fellow honours students across various disciplines, as well as with professionals. Our goal is to provide a platform where honours students from different fields can collaborate, learn, and grow together.

Why do we exist?

The HHS was created in order to strengthen the Hanze Honours community. To achieve this the Hanze Honours Society will serve as a platform upon which honours students can communicate in both a formal and informal setting. Through this platform honours students can inspire and motivate one another. In addition to being a platform where honours students can meet each other it is our aim to make it clear to honours students and the workfield what honours is and how it improves students who follow a Honours Program.

Why Join Us?

By becoming a member, you’ll get the chance to expand your network, connecting with professionals and students from a wide array of fields. You can also earn additional community or honours credits. You’ll get the chance to enjoy a diverse range of events, formal and informal, aimed at broadening your professional network. The formal events include lectures, workshops, excursions, and a  community day. Informal activities are also enjoyed through social drinks, theme parks, and picnics.

We're on a mission to raise awareness about the benefits of honours programmes, not only within our student body but also in the professional world. By being a part of the Hanze Honours Society, you play a vital role in advancing this mission and demonstrating how honours education enhances students' skills and capabilities.

Interested? Become a member or send an email to the secretary for more information.


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