Board 2020/2021

Meet the board of the Hanze Honours Society year 2020/2021. 


Chairman and Treasurer - Marvin Pijper

My name is Marvin, and I will be the new chairman and treasurer of the Hanze Honours Society. I am a fourth-year business administration student and I will do my internship in September.

Last year I served as the HHC and Internal Coordinator within the Hanze Honours Society. Which I have worked with ambassadors to improve the Honours program within their schools and organized some great activities with the committees. 

My daily task as a chairman this year will be: making sure everything goes according to plan, keeping everyone motivated and containing a continues good vibe within the board and association. Besides that, making steps to make the HHS a little greater than it was a year ago. As a treasurer I will make sure that the study association is financial healthy and keep a close look at the cashflow.


Secretary - Oleh Sotskyi

Hey, mate! My name is Oleh Sotskyi, I am a third-year Sensor Technology student and this year HHS board is stuck with me as its Secretary. Is it good or not? Well, that's for you to decide. My mom is proud of me anyway.

As a Secretary I will be responsible for all correspondence of HHS, making minutes during all of the meetings and managing our lovely website. In case you need to make a reservation of the Honours room (which is unlikely 'cause COVID and stuff), it is me you'd want to contact. Questions about your membership, HHS events or policies? Yeah, me again.

If you do have mentioned questions, issues, suggestions, wishes, funny cat videos or just want to contact me for whatever reasons —  please do so, 'cause I'd love that.



Internal Coordinator & Vice Chairman - Thom Valk 

Top of the morning! My name is Thom Valk, and I will be the HHS board’s internal coordinator as well as vice chairman for the board of 2020. I’m in my third year at the International Business School as an Honours student, and currently residing in South Korea for my study abroad!

My daily tasks as the internal coordinator will consist of acting as the communication channel between the board and its committees, as well as assisting the chairperson in my duty as vice chairman. I will be assisting the chairperson in keeping the atmosphere up and acting as the chairman when they are not present. I look forward to contributing to the society and the Honours programmes at large.

Stay safe, cheers!


External Coordinator - Jesse Kort

Hello, my name is Jesse Kort and I will be the external coordinator for the HHS board of 2020/2021. I'm in my second year of business administration.

As the external coordinator, I am responsible for the communication with all external parties, such as the current partners and sponsors of the society. I will also be looking to find new partners and/or sponsors, with whom we can share opportunities and ideas.


Marketing & Communication Coordinator - Eriona Bytyci

Hello! My name is Eriona Bytyci and I will be the HHS Media and Communication Director for the board of 2020. Currently, I am in my third year of Marketing Management and I am living in Groningen.

As a Media and Communication director, I will make sure that the HHS community will have a legit and diverse media representation. I am looking forward to be part of the community and give my contribution.


HHC Coordinator - Larissa Oomen 

Hi everyone! I'm Larissa Oomen and I will be the HHC Coordinator for the Hanze Honours Society in 2020/2021. I am a third year Social Work student and in September I will be starting my internship.

As your HHC Coordinator I will spend my time persevering what goes well and improving what needs to be improved within the Hanze Honours studies. I will do this based on your input. I will also focus strengthening the relations between the Hanze Honours studies. Furthermore, I will maintain contact with the Hanze Honours College.