Career and Activity Committee

​Career and Activity Committee


Hi! We’re the Career and Activity Committee at HHS. We’re Saskia van Niekerk, who studies to be a teacher of education in primary schools (PABO), Renate van der Meulen, who studies building engineering (Built Environment), Rutger Dijkhoff, who studies civil engineering (Built Environment), and Wanda Ampting who studies civil engineering (Built Environment) as well.

We’re responsible for organizing events of the HHS. This can go from small activities like game-nights, to excursions and interesting lectures. We’re very excited to give Honours students a chance to meet new people, have
some fun and learn new things. And of course we hope to meet you at one (or more!) of our events.

Saskia - Renate - Rutger - Wanda

Career and Activity committee

Evelyn Bosma General member