The Board

Meet the board of the Hanze Honours Society. The members will introduce themselves below.

Wessel Visser

My name is Wessel Visser and I have the honour of chairing the Hanze Honours Society. I consider it my responsibility to maintain order, structure and ensuring a pleasant cooperation. I also consider the board responsible for guarding the longterm interests of all our members and Honours students. I believe that my energetic, optimistic and positive personality contributes to my urge to take on any challenge. I am looking forward to meeting you all, don’t hesitate to approach me! Together we will make the Hanze Honours Society great.

You can also reach me at:

Roselinde van Maarle

My name is Roselinde van Maarle and I have the honour to be your new secretary. I am currently in my third year of Applied Psychology. I will make sure that everyone feels at home by treating everyone with respect. Curiousity, questioning, attentive and precision are the ingredients for a great solution and I will use this in my year as a member of your board. I hope to get the chance to meet you all personally, so feel free to come by any time.

You can also reach me at:

Joep van de Ven

Hello, my name is Joep van de Ven and I'm a third-year Financial Services Management student. Besides the fact that I participate in the regular program of my study I'm also a Honours student. This year I will participate in the Hanze Honours Society as treasurer. I'm very interested in the financial markets, something that fits my study. As treasurer I'm looking forward to this year, and if you want to get to know me, don't hesitate!

You can also reach me at:

Brian Geertsema

Hello, my name is Brian Geertsema. I’m a 23 year old Social legal services student and a HBO law student. In addition to the regular program, i’m following the honoursprogram with great enthusiasm. Next year, I have the honor to be your new internal and external coordinator. I’ll focus on the internal activities of the Hanze Honours Society. I’m looking forward to meet you at one of the activities! See you soon!

You can also reach me at: or

Bart de Jong

My name is Bart de Jong, I am a 22 years old Psychology student, currently in the fourth year of my Bachelor. My main fields of study are human behaviour, health and research. At the moment I am working in a mental health care facility to complete my internship of five months. I am an eager learner looking forward to participate in the Hanze Honours Society as project coordinator.

You can also reach me at:

Jitske Boomsma

Hello, my name is Jitske Boomsma, and I'm 22 years old. Currently I'm in the third year of Applied Psychology. For the next year I will be the HHC-coordinator of Hanze Honours Society. So please come to me with questions and opinions about honours-education. Ofcourse you can also come to me for a chat and a smile. I'm very much looking forward to it!

You can also reach me at: