The Ambassadors

The ambassadors

The ambassador is the link between the Honours Talent Programs, the Hanze Honours Society and the Hanze Honours College. The ambassadors work on helping their fellow honours students by working on developing the honours education further.

Every Honours School has an ambassador who represents all honours students from that School. Once a month all of the ambassadors meet for an ambassadors meeting. In this meeting they discuss how things are going at the Schools, during which they can hear other experiences and opinions. They will share the new ideas with their own School. This way all schools can learn from each other and are connected with each other through their ambassadors.

Since the ambassador is in contact with other ambassadors, you can contact him if you want to work with an honours student from a different School. He can help you find the person you want to work with. As a result the ambassador is the link between students from different Schools.

Are you motivated to develop your honours program further? To bring students together? To earn 2 EC? And of course, to have a good time with the other ambassadors? Then, apply at your school and send an email to the HHC coordinator.

Any honours student can become an ambassador so feel free to apply!