Verrrry decadent!

Today I have the honour(s) of writing the first HHS Blog. I have never written a blog before, so please bear with me!

First of all a little bit about the blog!

The HHS Blog will be a platform for:
- Interesting projects that you all are working on. So feel free to submit anything!
- Information about what is happening at the Hanze Honours Society.
- Information about what is keeping the Hanze Honours College busy these days and what their lecturers are doing.
- And much more.

So do you want to keep up to date? Check the blog regularly! Feel free to submit your own project for the blog. This will keep others informed and can give you awareness for your project.
Submit your project by sending it to:

Now the real reason for this first blog:

A couple of weeks ago the board '17/¨18 made AWESOME pictures on a little boat that one of them had. On, which we now know was the last sunny day of the year, the pictures where made by a member of our PR Committee (former promotion committee), Déanne Baak. One of these pictures was submitted to the “bestuursfoto awards 2017” organised by the Groninger Studentenkrant. The Studentenkrant holds these awards every year and the photographs are provided with a grade and cutting commentary.

Seeing how awesome the pictures where, we’re not surprised that the HHS board photograph ended up on number 11 of the 82 entries. To our delight the cutting commentary was not lacking and our board was said to look “Verrrry decadent”. You can see for yourself if you agree. We are very happy with this great rating, even if they didn't manage to spel HHS right.

You can find all the entries on:
And a big Congrats to Arteva, the student organisation of Minerva! We are very happy that the first place goes to one of the Hanzehogeschool boards.

The HHS entry by Déanne Baak

What am I studying?

What am I studying?

Last weekend I was in the Harbour café with my stepmom. If you like speciality beers you have to go and take a look around sometime,...


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