Workshop: Virtual Changemaking

About this event

Board 2018-2019
Jun 17, 2019
H0.100 (Honoursroom)

Workshop: Virtual Changemaking

Training for visual working, facilitating and coaching

How can you really reach people without thick reports or frequent newsletters? And how do you ensure that a meeting is effective? Visual changemaking is a proven method to achieve more overview, connection and enjoyment.

In this workshop you learn the basics of visual language and you develop your own and authentic style. You learn how to use visual language in your work, as a way to communicate more effectively and really touch people.

What: Workshop 'Visual Changemaking' by New Nexus
Date: 17th of June
Time: 10:00 - 15:00
Where: Honoursroom H0.100 (Van DoorenVeste)

See you there!