Innovatie Hub Oost Groningen (IHOG)

Innovation Hub Eastern Groningen

The Innovation Hub Oost-Groningen is an initiative of professors and lectors who share that they
lived in Nieuwe Pekela, deep in the heart of Eastern Groningen. They all studied at the University of
Groningen, travelled all around the world and now… there are back! They want to help the region
with innovation, new business and employment. Together with three leading companies in the
region; Avebe (patotoes), Nedmag (magnesium) , HempFlax (hemp) and the Hanze University & the
University of Groningen the initiative led to the Innovation Hub. Based on the raw materials of the
companies they are looking for new business. What can you do with patoto starch, magnesium and
hemp? Sustainable building for example. You can make isolation panels of hemp, fire protected with
magnesium, glued together with patoto starch. Magnesium with patoto protein for massage gel and
sport drink. Hemp bleached by magnesium to make paper. What about food for the world? Protein
of patoto combined with hemp protein as healthy food. The sky is the limit.

We are looking for entrepreneurial students to help us; study, research and get involved in start ups.
We will guide you.